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why is knox on my phone


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hi all
i have a S4 and there is a knox icon in the corner, why is this ? i have never downloaded Knox so why is it on my phone ? my partner thinks im now hiding files and picture from her ,,,, could someone please explain why the icon is there ans convince my partner im not guilty of putting it on there or having a password ? many thanks


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Jun 10, 2014
Isn't it some sort of security app pre-installed on Samsung phones?

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Jan 17, 2016
As belodion said, it's preloaded on Samsung devices as a security app. It can be used if you use a work phone to separate work stuff from private stuff..
Nothing to worry about here

Kelly Kearns

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Jan 10, 2012
Here is a little bit more information. Yes it is built in security and it comes pre-installed on Samsung phones now. I think it probably came pre-installed on the S4, but if it didn't, it would have been added in an update.

This also will tell Samsung if you have rooted a phone. You might hear people talk about "tripping Knox" in regards to rooting. If you root and trip Knox (some rooting methods on some Samsung phones, do not trip Knox) then that also voids your phone warranty.

Here is some info about Knox:


If someone roots a phone and doesn't trip Knox, then unroot the phone when they send it in, Samsung won't know it is rooted before.

A Knox Counter of 0x1 means it has been tripped once.