Why is my Exchange Calendar only partially syncing?

Jan 7, 2011
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Exchange Calendar partially syncing

Hi folks,

I'm running Android 5.0 on a Moto X 2014 and I'm having problems with my exchange calendar. The current problem is that it's partially syncing. Some items from my Outlook show up, and others don't. There's no obvious pattern as to which is which (i.e., it's not like only recurring do or don't show up).

My calendar app is set to sync everything. I've tried unchecking and rechecking the Exchange calendar, both in the calendar app(s) and also in the Account menu under settings, but nothing has worked.

This problem started after I cleared the partition cache in an attempt to improve battery life and stop the phone from overheating so quickly.

I had a similar problem shortly after I got the OTA upgrade to 5.0. In that case, the exchange calendar disappeared from the list of calendars in the calendar apps entirely, and the only way I could fix the problem was by deleting my exchange account and re-adding it.

Any suggestions?