Why is my Galaxy Nexus 3 screen showing me downloading please do not turn off the target ?


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why is my galaxy nexus 3 screen showing me downloading please donot turn off the target ?

this s wat happened , yesterday i charged my phone using a charger of nokia. again later i tried to charge the phone using another nokia, but i didnt get charged. so i thought the charger slot might have damaged. so the the battery was too low but the pahone was operating in 0% battery.then it got switched off/ when i removed the battery & put it back, automatically the phone gets switched on.now i ve put the phone charge in the charger which i ve used first.now its showing this screen as Downloading, please don't turn off the target.please help guys.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: why is my galaxy nexus 3 screen showing me downloading please donot turn off the target ?

Welcome to Android Central! First, is it an S3, Note 3, or Galaxy Nexus S? (There's no Nexus 3).

Download Mode (which is used to download firmware to manually install) is usually accessed by powering the phone on with the Power, Home, and Volume Down buttons--I assume you didn't do that. I've seen other posts about Download Mode appearing on its own, which might be due to some hardware issue. Does it say Factory Mode at the top of the screen? Factory Mode might get triggered if there's a problem with the phone's memory. As long as the phone isn't actually connected to a computer and actively downloading a firmware file, it's ok to shut it off by pulling the battery for 10 seconds.

Not sure if the problem has anything to do with the low battery--try not to let batteries get that low on a regular basis, because it will decrease their overall lifespan. Plug the phone into a wall outlet and leave it there undisturbed for at least 4-6 hours before you try to power on again--preferably let it charge for at least 10-12 hours.