WHy is my HTC One M8 battery draining so quickly?

Oct 3, 2014
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HTC One M8 Battery Drain

So I had a Samsung Galaxy S3. Very Good phone, it was just the stupid TouchWiz that was giving it some problems. Two months ago, I started thinking about buyng a new phone. Being a Samung fan, and after wacthing lots of reviews, I buyed a GS5. Very cool phone, a little bit of TouchWiz lag. Anyway, an ***** broke my phone. I sent it back, but haven't replaced it, they just gived me my money back. After , I followed a friends advice and I buyed a HTC One M8. Very cool phone, I loved it. But I have some issues with it. My battery drains really fast ( or at least so I think). I get home from school with around 30/20 procent of battery left, while with the GS5 I got home with 60,70 . If I leave it in standby, the battery drops only 3,4 procent per hour, while my GS5 droped only 1,2. And when I use it, it drops really fast. Before I go to school, in the morning, I browse a little bit, check my Facebook, maybe sometimes watch a video. And 30 min., until I get to school it drops to 90%. I can remember clearly that with my GS5 i got to school with 98%. And on the top of all this, my friends M7 last longer. I leave from school with 50%, while he leaves with 80%, with 4G and NFC on almoust all the time And I not playing on it, I was playing way more on the GS3 and 5. Could you help me? I have warrranty, and if it goes like this I will replace it with another phone, and it would be bad, because I really love the Sense 6 , the design and the speakers. Down below I will put some screenshots. Thank you very much for your help.




B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: HTC One M8 Battery Drain

How's the cell signal in school? If it's pretty weak, battery can drain faster as the radio strains to latch onto a signal.