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Why is my lock screen password has no option?

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When I type my password to unlock my phone, it goes back to my lock screen. And I dont know why. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks a lot!


New member
Nov 20, 2018
And in my settings, there's no options in lock screen passwords. As in nothing. What should I do?

Scienceguy Labs

Trusted Member
Sep 16, 2015
Yup. I dont want to shut down my phone cause Im afraid it didnt go well. Im just using the fingerprint password. Just the screen lock is my only problem.
So, fingerprint works, right?

And, in settings, under security or lockscreen or wherever your login choices are located, you do not have an option to change your pin/password?

I'm not sure what to tell you that would help.

You can try going into settings, then apps. Somewhere on your screen you should see three little dots. Press that and then press "Show System Processes". Scroll down until you see "Device Authentication Service". Click on that and then click "Storage". Once there, clear the cache. Do not clear the data.
After that, try unlocking your phone using your pin.

I have no idea if that will work, but it's worth a shot.