Why is the auto brightness button/toggle gone from my Sprint S8+ display settings?

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I was recently out in full sunlight and I tried to brighten my screen since I could hardly make out the displayed content. I realized then that the auto brightness toggle for my display settings was replaced with a "Outdoor mode" toggle (which I don't remember having before). Is this part of the latest update? Did I inadvertently do something to change this? I recently had to replace the screen of the phone since it was cracked and the repair people returned the phone with the developer mode active; did they change something in my phone when running tests for the new display? I really do not know what to make of it. I think the auto brightness feature was very useful. Can someone help with this? I know it does not affect the phone's functionality but I am really curious about the answer, thanks. I have a Sprint SM-G955U running Android 8.0.0, Samsung experience 9.0 and baseband version G955USQU5CRIB