Why is there random full screen pop-up ads when I am using different apps?

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Its basically just popped up and told me to wait, then it simply just showed me an ad, I was so confused, I had to press the 'return' button (next to the home button) to get rid of the ad, I can't track the time when it will pop up by itself, I haven't downloaded things on the internet for a long time and i don't want to factory reset my phone, what else can I still do, it just pops up by itself, I have no idea why; sometimes it just showed up when I'm in a match of game, when I'm watching a video in YT, even when I am doing nothing!!! How could this happen to me? Does anyone have the same experience like me? This is not caused by chrome or other browsers, I've been searching for months and the only things I saw in the internet is talking about chrome.
Please, help me :'(

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