Why use screen record in S Note? Any way to share?


Oct 12, 2011
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I'm just curious as to what the point of being able to record your screen movements in S Note if there isn't a way to export the video to anyone without S Note?

For instance I draw a happy face and then write out, "have a nice day" and want to send that via email or MMS to somebody, I can only send the final product. I think it would be cool to send a video of it being drawn.

I'd even be happy with being able to share it via DNLA. It just seems silly to me that I have to open the drawing on my phone, hit play, and then show someone my screen for anyone to see what I have created.

Also, what about an SNote where you added a video? Is there a way to send that to someone so they can play it?

Am I missing something? Very possible since I'm new to a phone with the many features it has.