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Why wont my data work?

Kayla Potgieter

New member
Mar 23, 2015
Why wont my data work please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a Galaxy S3 III recently bought it from a friend. She had whatsapp on it. I put my mtn sim card into it and uploaded data. The whatsapp worked messages delivered and received. When I went onto my playstore to download bbm it didn't want to work. kept saying timed out so I went onto my browser and it said you have run out of airtime and data. so I went to check I still had 220mb of data left. At this point nothing wanted to work not my emails not my browser absolutely nothing except my whatsapp. I decided to do a Factory Reset I thought it would help, but it didn't. I still have data but it doesn't work. Phone works with wifi. Can anyone please help me out..

the tall guy

Q&A Team
Sep 23, 2013
Re: Why wont my data work please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking a stab at this one I would say your data is too low for you to perform certain tasks? I don't know tbh, but that sounds like a possible cause. Best bet would be to contact your service provider and have them check it for you.