Why won't my Nexus 7 2012 turn on?


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My Nexus 7 2012 will not turn on

I can hear a pinging sound but there is no sign of the device booting up even after pressing power button for 30 seconds


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Sep 2, 2011
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Re: My Nexus 7 2012 will not turn on

First suspicion would be a battery that is too low to allow the device to start up. Plug it in to a known-good charger and let it charge for at least a few hours without touching it. Overnight is even better.

If you've been trying to force-start it, the battery controller might have cut the battery off because it is below cutoff voltage and the controller wants to keep the battery from being damaged. It takes the controller a long time to charge the battery after cutoff has been tripped.


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Nov 12, 2010
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Re: My Nexus 7 2012 will not turn on

Had the same problem so what I did was leave it on the charger for 30 min after that unplug then reinsert you will then see the charging indicator I would wait another 2min before powering on or it will just shut back off after that you should be ok....P.S if you don't want this issue again try not letting it die I learned my lesson freaked me out at first