Why would one get a 10" tab 2 vs a Galaxy Note 10.1 ?


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Jan 8, 2010
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For wife: home and some work - she teaches 2nd grade. Today she has original galaxy phone on ATT; tomorrow she'll have an S3.

I can't find ANY 1:1 comparison of the Tab2 10.1 vs the note. I'm NOT worried about newest product cycle or dual or quad core, she couldn't care less. I don't care about the cost diff.
What FUNCTIONAL differences are there? The tab is GSM/LTE on ATT, so I'm certain one could do calls/video calls if desired.
- the Note has the "S-pen" and a note taking app, so I guess is more stylus oriented? BUT you can get a pen for the Tab2 as well. Can you install the Note app?
I know the tab has stereo speakers built in; she may get to where she uses it some for music/vids, but at home I expect mostly will replace both her phone for time-blowing relaxing games, and on home PC, solitare, internet surfing. She does grades and such online. She does words with friends, and some app where you draw something and the other person guesses - a pen would be good for that I guess, but she does it on her tiny original galaxy phone today, so obviously not crucial.
Either have a default VPN app?

Will both of these do physical keyboards?

What are the primary differences in these two, anyone know? Again, she's getting an S3 phone, so don't need the Note 10.1 phone function per se, but are there other reasons/advantages of getting the Note over the Tab, or vice versa? Anyone done this analysis?


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Dec 22, 2011
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The S-Pen for the Note is far superior to any pen you can use on the Tab 2.

The Tab 2 is more of a general tablet that costs less.. You get more bang for the buck with the Note 10.1, I guess, but if you want more of a typical tablet experience, get the Tab 2, in my opinion.

I have the Wifi only Tab 2 and it fits my needs just fine. I use it much like a laptop and I don't need any of the voice-calling features either.

The camera on the Note is also better, but I can honestly say in the 4 months I've used my Tab 2, I've taken ONE picture with mine.


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Nov 18, 2012
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I have the Tab 2, received as a gift, but I would definitely go with the Note 10.1. After using the SPen on the Note 2, it is really the way to go.

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