Widgets not updating?


Jun 28, 2011
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Anyone else experiencing this? I first noticed it with Beautiful Widgets Pro (time/date/weather would be several hours/days out of date), but since have realized that pretty much every widget I have that displays info throughout the day consistently fails to be up to date. Examples:

1. BW Pro, as noted (though their Play Store reviews are rife with complaints about this issue in this version, so take that with a grain of salt)
2. Google Now (shows "upcoming" times for baseball games...that happened yesterday)
3. Google Play Music (responds to commands, but "now playing" album art and song title are not current)
4. Google Calendar (showing me appointments for 2 days ago)

By contrast, stock digital clock widget is always on point. I have no clue if this is specific to the S4 or even the S4 GPe...I believe it was doing it before the 4.3 update as well - definitely was for Beautiful Widgets, at least. I'm running stock launcher, not rooted, and a minimum of apps in general...I thought it might be Tasker or Dashclock (just because they feel like they control more of the UI than other apps do), but my wife runs neither of those and her same phone has similar problems. Anyone got any tips? Love my S4 GPe, so this is just a minor sully on its great performance to date...but still an annoying one.

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