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WIFI hotspot problem with "Hide My Device"


Mar 11, 2018
My Galaxy A5 with Android Oreo is having an issue with wifi hotspot. For some reason, when Hide My Device is checked to not broadcast SSID of my hotspot, the hotspot doesn't work and devices cannot connect to it.

When I uncheck Hide My Device to broadcast the SSID of the wifi, it works again and devices can connect to it.

Anyone having this problem?

I should note it was working in the past. The last time I used wifi hotspot was a while ago though, before the latest patch pushed by my carrier. I don't know if the cause of the problem was the latest patch or not. I also did a hard reset in between.

Another issue I noticed was that resetting network settings does not do anything to reset wifi hotspot information. Is it supposed to be like that? I thought resetting network settings resets everything. Yet all it did was reset my WIFI and bluetooth settings, but left my wifi hotspot settings untouched.

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