Wifi is connected but doesnt work on anything exept for google play


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Jul 13, 2018
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My wifi is connected on my galaxy j5 device but it wont even try to load anything, I automatically get "no connection" on everything exept for Google Play, from where I could update any app without problems. Any other app I try to use wont even load and I've already tried everything mentioned here. Also, there's no problem with the router, as every other device works perfectly. Moreover I tried making a hotspot to ensure it's the devise's problem and sure enough it connected but I still had the same problem


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Feb 12, 2012
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Open a browser and go to whatsmyip.org and see if you get your external IP address. Aside from Play, it sounds like a limited connection (connection to the router, but not to the internet). If that doesn't work, try connecting to If you get a connection that way, you have a DNS problem. If you can change the DNS in the phone (some can, some can't), change it in the phone, otherwise, change it in the router, to:

That's Google's DNS server. It's fast and even at the worst times I've never seen it be poisoned or hacked for more than a few minutes.