windows 8 not recognizing device


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Aug 18, 2013
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I've been searching for answers quite a while and haven't found a case quite like mine.

when i first purchased my new computer a few days ago running windows 8 i could plug my galaxy note 1 in with no issues, but now every time i do it connects and disconnects every few seconds, causing there to be a constant notification beep coming from my computer. i receive messages saying my "device" (phone) is malfunctioning or has bad hardware and a few others (hit or miss that i receive them)

sometimes it begins an instant download (mtp) that never finishes installing.

i've downloaded the samsung driver from samsung several times, but as it says on their website it only supports op windows xp, seven and vista.
i'm downloaded and redownloaded keys, and upon diagnosing "connection error" my phone never stays connected long enough.

i don't really care about sharing files at this point it would jsut be nice to charge my friggin phone!

i'm relatively new to windows, i've used an apple for so long i feel quite illiterate as it is. am i just slow or is windows extremely inefficient? i've never had to spend hours/days working on something that should seemingly be so simple when using my 7 year old mac....

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