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Oct 9, 2014
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I suppose quite a handful of developers frequent this forum so I thought this was the good place to hear your opinions...

I have an app (as many as you do I guess ;-) )

It's called memdicez, if you'd be interested you can find it on the play store.

The reason why I post this is not to advertise it, or ask you opinion about the app itself,

but I am considering opensourcing it and I wondered if you'd be interested in participating in such a project?

Apart from the app not much is set up right now,
but if I can find some good willing people to join I'd set up a jira, git repository, ...

I'm a software developer by profession so I know 'the good tools to do the job'.

As you might have noticed I don't have that many users (yet) mainly because I didn't pay for advertisement.

I am also not planning to do so.

There is no lower bound to what experience you'd need to have to participate, (also no upper ;-) )
your name would be included (if you'd want to) in the credits,

You're not supposed to spend a dime on this project, if you'd want to put in some effort and time that would be great.
(all the costs for (general) tooling are on me; if you think you need a tool that costs money I probably know a free alternative.

The app is, as far as I know, bug-free and feature finished, (still no easter-egg's though :-/ )
but, as in software, which app ever is?

I have some idea's still to make the app even better but I'm sure other users would have as well.
(for instance, adding bluetooth support with which you can challenge you friends and foes Memdicez-style :-D)

I'd also set up a forum for both dev/users.

If you aren't the creative type, you'd be able to get some ideas there to add to the magic,
if you do are the creative type, joining in on the forum and spreading fresh ideas is also considered contributing
and is greatly appreciated.

I am very curious about your thoughts,


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