WTF Does anyone else have a ringtone keep disappearing?


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Feb 18, 2013
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I've had my EVO V on Virgin Mobile for awhile now. Over a year I bet. It's works fine, but within the past 2 months I lost my ringtone 3 times. I created a file of my favorite band. It worked fine.

About 2 months ago, somehow my phone got changed to stock Virgin Ringtone. I couldn't find it, but then I went to Music and there it was. I hit set as ringtone.

A short time later (not sure how long), it changed my ringtone again, but this time my ringtone was deleted from my phone! I also noticed the ONE full mp3 I have on my phone disappeared too!

So, the third time happened.. well I'm not sure when because I don't receive many calls, I block everyone I don't know anyway, but within the past few days. Again, the ringtone is gone and that mp3 too which I had put back.

My games all work, which most of them are stored on my external memory card.. but recently one game.. the one I play the most Carcassone, has been loosing it's settings and my achievements. I've had the game for awhile, but only recently twice it lost everything and I have to start all over getting achievements and stuff.

What's going on? Could this be a sign of memory card failing or something else? Not sure where ringtones are stored.. external or internal card? I had emailed the ringtone to myself, saved it, then set as ringtone.

I'm going to open the phone now and see if the card is seated in good.

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Mar 9, 2012
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If you're storing your custom ringtone on the external SD card, it could get dissociated each time you plug your phone into a computer, because if the phone is set to act as USB Mass Storage (i.e., act like an external drive to the computer), then the SD card essentially becomes unmounted while the phone is plugged into the computer, and the phone loses your custom ringtone as default. The same thing would happen if you simply unmounted the SD card and removed it, then reinserted it.

I'm not sure if the same thing would happen if you stored your custom ringtone in Internal Storage. Try it--if you don't already have a Ringtones folder in the root directory of Internal Storage, then create one using any file manager program. Then move your custom ringtone there, set it as your default ringtone, and see what happens after you plug your phone into your computer and then disconnect it again.

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