Yahoo Mail giving "Login Failed" message every so often...


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Jun 14, 2010
This is driving me nuts. I'm using HTC's stock Mail app to download my e-mail. Every couple of days I get a "Login Failed" message while it's trying to access my Yahoo account. I found a thread here that had the proper settings for a Yahoo mail account, and I use those settings.

I did notice tonight, finally, that if I get on a desktop computer, logout of my Yahoo account, and then log back in, my phone will be able to access my Yahoo account. I don't get WHY this works, and I'm wondering if anyone has a better solution, because I can't always get to a desktop computer. I did try this with the dedicated Yahoo Mail app and I have the same issue.

I'm this close to just dumping my Yahoo account and sticking with Gmail, as the Gmail app never has this issue, but it's going to be a pain in the butt notifying everyone to use my gmail account.


Sep 16, 2010
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Same problem - you can use android browser to unlock

I have been having the same problem. The locking has always occurred when using the stock android email client. If I try to check my mail using the official yahoo app, it says something helpful: "Your account has been locked. Log in from your computer to unlock."

Logging in from any browser (and this is the only good news I have for you - you can use the browser on your phone to log in to yahoo) will immediately unlock your service.

Some things that are odd:
- there's no indication that anything ever was locked when you log in to yahoo. It's a normal log in with no security questions or anything unusual.
- only email access through android imap is locked. Messenger continue to work on the phone, and if you're already logged in to email on a computer, that continues to work.

I filed a ticket this morning with yahoo. We'll see if they get back to me.