Youtube app functionality


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Jan 11, 2011
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Anyone else have this problem:

When I'm in the youtube application watching a video, sometimes there will be links to other youtube videos in the description of the video. Like for instance, I watch the Philip DeFranco show and he always puts links to other videos that he talks about on his show. When I click those links, instead of opening said video in the youtube app, it promps me to open the video in one of the addition to the stock browser I have Opera and Dolphin. I thought at one time it used to include the youtube app on that list but now it only lists the browsers.

Then for a while, when I clicked on Opera, Opera would open with youtube pulled up and then pop up a window and ask me if I wanted to open the video in the youtube app, but it seems since the 3.2 update, it doesn't even do that anymore. I'd really rather watch the videos in the youtube app since the performance is much better than watching youtube in the browsers. Also it seems very clunky.