Zenfone 2 laser will not charge (and its not the battery)


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Mar 17, 2017
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So I've rma'd this stupid phone 3 times already. And it just came out of warranty.

Yesterday morning my phone restarted on its own, and then the battery started draining... fast.

Even when plugged in, and it said it was charging, it continued to drain. After 20 minutes it went from 100% to 60%. I shut off the phone. When I turned it back on 2 hours later, it was at 18%. Then it drained completely after another 20 minutes.

Then, when attempting to charge it, it would not charge at all.

I thought it might be the battery, so I did some tests. The rest of my family has zenfones as well, so I took the battery out of one of their phones, and put my dead battery into their phone. It started to charge.

Then I put their full battery into my phone, and the phone turned on, but once again - drained FAST.

Both batteries work perfectly in the working zenfone 2 laser. But in mine, the charging won't work at all, and drains even when plugged in.

Any ideas what's going on? Do I just need to get a new phone? (not another Asus, God forbid) Has anyone else experienced this?



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Feb 12, 2012
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It sounds as if something is shorted on your motherboard. (RMAing a phone doesn't always result in your getting another phone - I've had phones and computers returned with the equivalent of "nothing wrong found".)