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Zenfone 3: Introduces 4K


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Jan 12, 2016
Zenfone 3: Introduces 4K

If you're someone who loves taking home memories, those you would be able to cherish several years down the line, the Zenfone 3 camera comes across as quite a decent device to invest in.

Forget about investing in expensive camcorders or video recorders, the Zenfone 3 would suffice all needs. I can proudly say this- having tried and tested the phone. It's amazingly good!


Every time I shoot a video through the Zenfone 3, I always associate it to luxury. Here's why: The device supports 4k Video recording and tags along optical image stabilizers and electronic image stabilizers. These stabilizers ensure shake-free photos and videos.

If you're however not familiar with the term 4K, the below write up explains it:


Pixels that are also recognized as tiny dots of light, work together to complete a given video you ideally watch on your screen. In order to view perfect 4K Videos, the phone display works around 4,000 pixels around the screen area and 2,160 pixels in the vertical pattern. Amazing right?

If we compare 4K with a Television set, common Television sets (not those high end expensive sets) deliver about 1080p HD TV, while 4K through smartphones deliver up to 2160p. This would mean that 4K videos deliver nothing but clear and sharp images, four times the amount of pixel when compared to a common television set. Hope it's not too confusing, I tried breaking it down for you! :)

This may come as a surprise to you but 4K isn't actually new! 4K has been out and alive ever since 2003. No sooner, did it come to cinema in the year 2011. Fortunately for us, it soon came to home theatres till 2012.

It's good to see Zenfone 3 with 4K honestly, given the fact that just a few devices in the market tag along this super cool feature.


If you're thinking of buying the Zenfone 3, in all honesty, I'd recommend the buy. Let's consider a few advantages of the 4k display that I've personally come across:

1. Stabilizes shaky videos
2. You could expect to capture sharp images and videos
3. Don't bother about blurred pics especially through a zoom

The big question however revolves around the device being able to accommodate such high end videos. I'd say, the Zenfone 3 would be able to accommodate, our opinions would however differ.

A one second video for example would require a good 11MB space while a 10 minute would require 7GB. Considering these, the Zenfone 3 comes with an inbuilt storage of 32GB. I think if you backup your data regularly, you shouldn't face storage space issues. What's even better, the Zenfone 3 Deluxe and Ultra come with a good 64GB space.

I'd reckon that there's ample amount of space, that Zenfone 3 offers. It's a good deal, isn't it?


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Apr 23, 2011
It is nice that they added it but honestly I don't use 4k video recording even though I have had devices since 2013 that supported it


Mar 6, 2012
Thank you, OP! This is very good to know, as I am seriously considering buying a Zenfone 3. And my hands sometimes shake a bit while videotaping or taking pictures, so this kind of image stabilization would be great for me!