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    I travel a lot and plan to avoid taking a laptop now that the Charge streams Netflix.

    So I already ordered the HDMI micro to HDMI cable. This should work fine for the newer flatscreens at some Hotel/Motels that have an HDMI "in" connection.

    But since I was using a laptop to stream Slingbox, I used to find that around 60% of the places I go to still only have TV's with the red, yellow and white RCA's "in" type connection or some have S-Video in too.

    Now that Neflix streams thru the Charge I might be able to not carry a laptop on my trips.
    My Brother who also travels and uses Netflix thru his laptop sent me a link to this device that he just bought to use from his HDMI out laptop to RCA's or s-video in.

    Amazon.com: HDMI to Composite /S-Video Converter 3RCA CRT TV CVBS: Electronics

    It's self powered and he says it works great (once you find the correct setting for it's switch that selects NTSC or PAL video).
    great reviews, averaging 4 stars out of 32 reviews.

    I ordered one yesterday (he said it's well made, metal housing and small like a pack of cigs) and I'll report back if it works correctly with the Charge. You still need the HDMI micro cable to HDMI for the Charge (I ordered one at Monoprice.com for like $5). But the unit comes with other cables needed to connect to TV's.

    Now that Netflix works on the Charge I can say "Screw you to Slingbox" (a device that allows you to view your home cablebox or DVR remotely). Their new game is, since they were bought by another media company and now try to upgrade you from the original classic unit for $159 Solo or $259 HD model plus to get it to work on the Charge you need first buy or upgrade to their Solo or HD model and also purchase the Android mobile software for yet another $30 and both the newer Slingbox and their mobile version have "awful reviews" they die after a year due to a capacitor issue with no recall of their devices. They have terrible customer support and try to get you to pay for their premium support. I tried to use it on my former Blackberry and it was not supported. I was able to get it working by changing some BB files, but it still froze and was useless trying to view it on a 2.5 inch screen anyway.

    If this convertor works out for $47 it will save me hundreds to not be forced to upgrade to the Slingbox Solo and their $30 android mobile software. And even though I already paid $30 for Sling Mobile software when I had it for my BB, they offer no discount to upgrade to the Android version.

    I'll report back after I try the converter box to RCA's, but has anyone used this device yet with an Android with HDMI out yet?
    07-22-2011 06:38 AM