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    I can't ged rid of my apps. Verizon is sending me a new phone and I would like to get this one back to factory stock. It has never been rooted.

    Here is some background. I started having problems with widgets disappearing and lots of force closes on apps so I combed thru the forums and found one trhead that descibed at least part of my problem but no solution. So I decided to do a factory reset - no help. Next I tried formatting my sd card - no help. So I call Verizon and they decide (after very litte trying) to send me a new phone. Fine but I need to get rid of all my stuff. Automatic restore is turned off but every time I try to restore and/or format the sd card all of my apps and wallpaper (which is one of my photos that has been deleted) come back when I reboot. My twitter account also won't go away. My photos, music, videos are gone but I would like to completely wipe it before I send it back to them.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?
    10-27-2011 02:16 PM
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    Take the SD card out

    Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset
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    10-27-2011 05:16 PM
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't thought of that. Unfortunately it didn't work. All apps and wallpaper still there. I guess it's not really a big deal I just wanted to wipe it before returning it.
    10-27-2011 06:08 PM
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    You can do this,

    [HOW-TO]Fix your phone - xda-developers

    The next link Im posting is just so you know what odin looks like.

    HOW TO: Flash ROMs with Odin3 v1.82, tailored to GB 2.3.4 - xda-developers

    Follow the directions in the first post. Make sure your in download mode(I had to do it without the battery in), Open Odin and see your device is found, find pit file,check pda and and find the ed1,ed2 or ee4 file, check re partition and un check the auto reboot , reset time. Hit start and once done it should say file complete or not. Hope with my crappy explanation, the first post and the second with pictures you can figure it out. This will wipe everything and phone will be stock like new.
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    10-27-2011 07:36 PM
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    I'll give that a try. I think I can do it. I guess the worst that can happen is I send a brick back to Verizon. Thanks for your help!
    10-28-2011 10:47 AM