1. Tyler Dasher's Avatar
    Okay I had my note 2 rooted on 4.3 using saferoot. I unrooted for the new factory software update but now everytime I try to update it says error. I have done a factory reset twice but it still does not update. I think I might no the problem but I am not sure. When I was rooted, i used an app called system app mover to move the Fake GPS app to a system app so I could fake my location to watch the Atlanta Braves on MLB At Bat. Well before I unrooted my phone, I forgot to move this app back to a regular app and it is still listed as a system app. So everytime I restore my phone, this app remains on there as if it is one of the apps that comes on the phone when it is purchased. Somebody please help.
    06-27-2014 01:39 PM

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