06-03-2015 09:12 AM
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  1. Taylor7617's Avatar
    Curious...last post on this thread was in Oct. Now being middle of January...any updates? Continued billing issues?

    I have VZW and just upgraded wife and I to the GS3 from basic phones. Any info is appreciated.
    01-17-2013 04:09 PM
  2. Dae Woo's Avatar

    My mother's phone is being charged for 11-13 gbs of data overages.

    This is insane, because she doesn't even USE the internet.

    We did a factory reset, replaced the phone, turned off mobile data, AND STILL this continues to happen.

    Finally thought they had a solution when they claimed that because we had lost our phone, and gotten it replaced,

    that they had failed to enter in that the phone had been replaced, that the person who took the old phone was using the data.

    They claimed after they entered our number on to the list the issue should be fixed.


    This is the craziest thing ever. The mobile data usage in settings shows 50 MB's of usage in a month, they are claiming we are using 13 GB's!

    I've been on the phone with them for hours about this issue.

    Sure they credit us back, BUT THEY AREN'T FIXING THE ISSUE!

    Also i have the note 2 not the s3.
    11-11-2013 12:04 PM
  3. Rocky Thomas's Avatar
    Problem is still on-going... In our neighborhood, 15 - 18 miles out in the middle of nowhere, everyone is using VZW internet, because land line internet simply doesn't exist. Bell Telephone doesn't mind billing you for it, but it is not there!!! Takes literally minutes to connect to simple HTML pages. No one is pirating signal out here, the homes are too far apart, passers by would be too obvious parked beside the highway in front of the house.

    We were constantly running over on our combined package here at the house, so my wife upgraded our package, didn't come close to using our combined total on the package for months, used almost half what we had for several months prior. Now we are constantly creeping up on combined total on the package again. Not using the internet any differently now than we were, yet our use has climbed above what it was before upping the package.

    Mother-in-law's doctor has taken her off her Nook, said at her age, with Glaucoma, she didn't need to be staring at a computer screen all the time. Fine if she reads, but books only. Have lost downloading 4 - 8 books a month, yet our usage still climbed to levels exceeding previous use.

    I spend 6 months out of state, half way across the country. Year before last, I rented apartment next door to the bar in town. Bartender/Owner gave me the password for the Bar's internet, I had NO internet use at all on my connection . Yet we still met limits on our package. While my wife and I both were in an apartment half way across the country, neither of us using VZW service at all, received notice account had used 75% of connection. Within hours received notice account had used 90% of connection. Before the night was over account use had exceeded data usage. VZW's excuse... warnings are not real time, they are delayed. ADVISED NO ONE HAD USED DATA ON THE ACCOUNT FOR DAYS!! Neither of us had used internet connection for months, no one at home was using internet connection. They decided it was an error in the warning system, would monitor account and adjust billing if it appeared in error.

    Neighbor 2 miles down the road was having same problem with VZW internet, began watching her data usage... data transfers at night while she was asleep, during the day while no one was at home. Unplugged her wireless card for several days... Found use on her wireless card, while unplugged. Verizon adjusted her bill.

    Local country store is having same problem, claim he's exceeding data limits. No one using it for much other than the ATM. VZW claims someone is pirating signal. He unplugged it as much as possible, unfortunately that creates problems every time anyone wants to use the ATM. No resolve to date, still no one using internet, still exceeding data limits, with wireless card unplugged half the time.

    Father's business account... Use has not changed since connected. Had no problem for the first 6 months or so, now suddenly he's exceeding data limit every month mysteriously. Last month supposedly exceeded his 15 GB plan by 9 GB. Billed $90 for data exceeding his plan limit. This month started receiving notices the second day of billing cycle, that he had used 75% of data limit, blew it off as an error in warning system. Has been on the phone with Verizon every day for several days now. They indicate all use is over his wireless internet connection, not his phone... he still has an analog phone, doesn't text, only VERY OCCASIONALLY receives a text from anyone. He hasn't been in the office half as much this month or last month as he was for the last 6 months, use should be considerably lower, but it's rising every month. Data usage indicated 17 GB used yesterday, today showed 22 GB used - in less than 12 hours - with the computer and wireless card shut off over 8 hours of that last night. Problem is not as of yet resolved.

    Sister 2 had same problem some time ago, contacted VZW customer service, after much discussion received credit on her account. Same crap the following month, and the following month, and the month after that; adjusted each time, but probolem persisted. Now have internet through VZW, used very little, for nothing other than work, all phones in the house are on Smart Talk.

    Sister 1 had same problem, said she sits on the computer all day at work, doesn't want to look at it at home. Unplugged her wireless card 2 months ago, has nothing but her phone, has used the phone as nothing but a phone. No data transfer aside from occasional simple text message... Last month's bill indicated in excess of 14 GB data transfer. Billing cycle ends tomorrow for this month, exceeding 15 GB data Transfer this month, with the wireless internet card turned off.

    It is not an isolated problem, everyone simply thinks it's isolated.
    05-01-2015 09:37 PM
  4. jasd6275432679's Avatar
    This is why I go prepaid all the way! No surprise charges, no contract, no commitment. If I'm not happy with their service or if I feel like I'm being ripped off by over-exaggerated data usage I am free to change carriers at the drop of a hat. There are plenty of prepaid carriers that use the Verizon network so I wouldn't even have to change my device. Especially now that 4G devices both Android and iPhone are available via prepaid there's no reason to stick with a contract phone. I looked into contract phone so I could get a newer phone and the monthly bill for the same data + unlimited everything was going to be $15 more for one phone. $45/month prepaid vs. $60 for contract for 1 gb of data. Why would anyone choose to be strangled with a contract and also be willing to pay more (unless having the newest phone is important maybe)??? They also have bonus data (an extra 1gb) for signing up for autopay. My only sacrifice is that I don't have the "latest and greatest" phone but I could care less.

    Win-Win for me!
    06-03-2015 09:12 AM
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