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    01-10-2013 10:13 AM
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    I saw that too. Cool

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    01-10-2013 03:48 PM
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    I've read more than a few oops into the toilet stories on these forums
    01-10-2013 09:39 PM
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    This has actually been out for while, I remember seeing this at last years CES... Interesting (?) that they don't support HTC devices on Verizon, only Motorola, Samsung, and Apple, but still it is under $100 and waterproof's your device but I wonder if affects the warranty???

    Liquipel | Make Your Cell Phone Watersafe, No Case Required!
    01-11-2013 08:34 AM
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    I would have thought only phones with non-removable batteries would be eligible. Wouldn't opening the case break the seal?

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    01-11-2013 10:32 AM