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    Default UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    Hi All,

    Hoping some people may have some advice to offer. I got my LG G3 on day of release. I also ended up buying a Qi wireless chrging plate
    from Amazon.co.uk....RAVPower RP-WCN7, according to the manufacturer who I contacted after having issues with my 1st one that the plate does work with the G3...

    Takes an age to actually get the phone detected, I either get messages " place phone in centre of hotzone" or I can get it to start charging, but then bleeps every 5secs to say its charging, then stops charging again..

    The plates both work perfectly with my Nexus 7(2013)

    Anyone experienced any similar issues?


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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    The thread about G3 battery life started by donhr includes some comments that may be of interest. Perhaps you'll let us know if your experience of mains versus wireless charging is similar.

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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    Any chance you can try a friends, etc. wireless charger to absolutely rule out the plate?
    Also, hate to throw a wrench in the works but maybe the wireless charging on the G3 is defective.... wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Are you within the return policy?
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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    I got a free LG wireless charger with mine. Yes i concur that every 10 to 20 seconds it beeps saying it is wirelessly charging which is pretty annoying. I ended up turning the volume to silent. Both original back case and circle cover do the same thing making the wireless charging notification.

    I am currently also testing wether wireless charging the battery makes it drain faster or not. You can check out my other thread on batt experiences too

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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    Hi John, I'm hoping you may be able to help me,
    Have you by any chance tried your G3 with the Nexus wireless charger?
    I want to get one but I want it to work with the magnets in the charger so it will attract to it (then I can sit my phone vertically against it without it falling off).

    They're both LG so I'm hopeful,

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    I got this charger and it works fine with my G3 even when it is inside a Spigen Air cushion cover (which is very nice by the way - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B...r-21&m1k=vb_ac)

    Charger - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B...r-21&m1k=vb_ac
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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    A loan G3 just arrived and I was having same issue with my qi pad plugged in via USB. Plugged cable into include wall plug and the issue has gone away
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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    Scrap that. I am now getting the "hot zone" error repeatedly. Really frustrating as it was working all day yesterday and the Samsung Galaxy S5 (with S Charger cover OR third party card) work perfectly.

    The Qi implementation on the G3 looks to be poor and may be the reason why the trial handset doesnt convince me to buy my own :-(
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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    I have this issue on all 3 different Qi Chargers.

    Use my Girlfriends Galaxy S5 with an aftermarket Qi adapter and that's fine.

    There seems to be an issue with the Qi in the LG G3 but i cant find many people complaining about it apart from this thread.
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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    I had a cheap QI charger that was working without any problem with my Nexus but it's not really working with my G3.

    I get the hot zone warning every single time and I also had the beep after every like 5 seconds from the charger. I out my phone the other way and it was working without beeping but still get the hot zone alert.

    Do you guys know something about that?

    Or any suggestion for a cheap wireless charger from eBay that is working with G3?


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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    If it helps I use the Nokia DT-910 as a night stand wireless charger and it works perfectly, you can get it for around £35 on Amazon UK. It's probably a slower charger due to the output but when you're charging over night it doesn't really matter.

    I've never had a hot zone error on that at all although I do get that problem on the Asus PW100 I have in my living room.

    My only annoyance with wireless charging is that despite having daydream on and having ticked 'never turn off screen when charging' in developer options and set a trigger task set to keep screen on whilst wireless charging it still tries to immediately shut the screen off when wireless charging starts. I have to tap to keep it awake but then it manages to turns it off in the middle of the night somehow anyway. Haven't figured out how to sort that yet.
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    Default Re: UK LG G3 Wireless Charging Issues

    I use the same Nokia charger. Works fine on St but problem with LG is that the LG pop up telling that wireless charging has been activated is confusing the Google Daydream. So, when will LG fix this?

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