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    Default wifi connect but no data

    My wifi shows connected, but I don't get any data. As soon as I connect to a wifi signal, all the data stops including the verizon data. The wifi signal indicator shows plenty of bars. I think the verizon data stops because the device thinks it has a wifi connection - but why doesn't the wifi work?

    Droid X with stock verizon Gingerbread. Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: wifi connect but no data

    I have the same issue. Most of the time when I first connect to WiFi I have data but then suddenly it stops connecting to the Internet. No email, facebook or browser. However, I have lots of WiFi signal. Stock gingerbread.
    I am using WAP2 security and I set the router to G only both at my office and at home. Both are on Verizon FIOS. I have observed this phenomonon at home, in the office and at eateries around town.

    Anybody know of a fix?
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    Default Re: wifi connect but no data

    What color is the indicator? If it's not blue then that means that you don't have a connection to Google. Which indicates that you may not have a network connection. If this is at your home, then power cylcle your router.
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