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    Post Folders in New S-Note

    Does anybody know of how to make folders in the new version of S-Note (10.1 - 2014 and Note 3) similar to what could be done on the 8? I have stacks of notebooks but would like to put lets say a bunch of customer notebooks in one customer folder, etc....

    Thanks for the help.
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    Go to the All Notes view (the default when you open the app is Recent Notes...ironically, clicking on 'Recent Notes' actually takes to you All Notes). From there, click on the Menu button and search for Create Folder. Voilá! You can create folders inside folders, too, with the same method.
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    Well that was about simple, tried and tried from the wrong screen. I saw all of my notebooks on my default screen and tried everything I could think of from there.

    Now if they would only upgrade S-Note on the 8 so it would work seamlessly with the 10.1 (2014) and the 3.

    Thanks again.
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    Yeah, I also happened to stumble upon it by accident. Had been thinking folders were stripped to allow for better Evernote integration (your notes are synced, but since Evernote doesn't support folders, the structure is lost... you just see all notes together).
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    The good news though is that in Evernote you can move the notebooks around into folders and it does keep track so you could recreate the folder structure. A challenge at set up, but then they do match.
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