Hi, I already asked this on XDA, but nobody has answered it yet. I had the German JB 4.1.1 flashed a couple of months ago, before we got the U.S. version here. My Status was Custom and my Binary Count went up. On XDA they showed how to flash back to U.S. ICS and then Root, use Triangle Away to reset the Binary Counter and Status to Official, then I Downloaded the U.S. Jelly Bean Update through Kies. All worked fine and I got my GN back to Official Status and Binary Count to None.
Well, the other Night, I Rooted again, because I wanted to try the Multiview Manager to be able to have any app in Multiview. I tried the app and it was good, but the main app I wanted to use, didn't really work in the Multiview Manager, so I Used Triangle Away again to reset the binary counter and to get back to Official Status, but that didn't happen after I unRooted my device. It reset the binary counter and everything, except the System Status is still set at Custom.
When I did all this before after having the German JB and went back to U.S. ICS, I had to wipe my device and reset everything on my device. I really don't want to go back through that again, unless that's the only way to get the Official status back. Does anyone know any way around this? I'm hoping there is another way, because it's going to take me another whole night to get everything set again if that's the only way to do it. Appreciate any help someone can give me. Thanks.