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    Default S3 refuses to turn on or charge

    I have an AT&T Galaxy S3 that I've had for over a year. It has a new battery (2 weeks old) as the last one didn't hold a charge anymore. I left my phone on the table and when I got back, it was turned off. I thought this was odd as it had 80% battery left. I turned it back on, and since it will not turn on. I've tried holding the home button, power, and volume up button and I get the "rebooting" screen, but then it cuts off. My phone will display "Samsung Galaxy S3", vibrates, and then turn off once again whenever I try to restart it. I took the battery out and tried again with no luck. When I charged the phone without the battery in it, a red light appeared and then cut off. When I charge it with the battery in, the battery charge screen uploads, but seems frozen, and cuts off. Also the red light does not appear.

    My phone has no water damage nor have I dropped it and I never rooted it.

    edit: now I cannot even get it to the rebooting screen. Also, when charging it, the battery screen no longer appears, but the screen remains black. I can only get it to do something by removing the battery and placing it back in and all it does is give me the start up screen, vibrate, and turn off again.
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    Default Re: S3 refuses to turn on or charge

    Was this battery an official Samsung one, or one ordered from ebay or an Amazon reseller. It really sounds like the new battery is defective and died. Do you still have the old one to try?
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    Default Re: S3 refuses to turn on or charge

    I'm a little concerned about why your phone died as fast as you say it did, but the primary concern is getting it to power up. I'd say your best bet is to leave it turned off and plugged in for a good chunk of time (half hour at the bare minimum). If you can, leave it turned off and plugged into a USB rather then the wall charger. I don't have any facts to back it up, but I think using the lower voltage and amperage from the USB port is easier on a completely dead battery.

    Anyway, leave it alone and let it charge for a while to see if it boots up. It sounds like it's barely got enough juice to initiate the boot sequence, never mind do a full boot (which takes a bit of battery to get through!).

    Good luck, hopefully someone can help you further
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    Default Re: S3 refuses to turn on or charge

    I do not have the old battery, as it was completely shot. The battery I have now is a Rayovac battery, so third party. When I plugged it in to charge over night, it was not responsive at all and seemed like it didn't charge (nor was the red light lit up).

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