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    I have a 5g Moto Edge 20 Pro running Android 11. It has ethernet tethering option. I'd like to provide a wireless router with internet from my 5g moto via usb c to ethernet adapter belkin has one for £30 that I can also charge at the same time. I want to provide internet to a wireless router to use on 2 devices one desktop using ethernet cable and sometimes a laptop as well wirelessly like a home network from my 5g plan it has over 300 Mbps in the area I'm in. I have unlimited data tethering included available and no throttling on my plan. I'm positive it should work as with the Android 11 you can provide internet with ethernet tethering. I couldn't find anything online about this. Please let me know if this is possible.
    03-29-2022 07:56 PM

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