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    My first post, for my new camera app called PicPac Camera.
    This app packs your live shots into one picture for easy sharing.
    Share more with multiple shots. More interesting, more content.
    Share less with only one picture. Less upload, less time to view.

    See this for more details:

    ---------------------------------- How I develop PicPac Camera -------------------------------------------------

    Since this forum is for developers, I will first share how I built this app so far.

    PhD student - I am a last-year PhD student, and this is probably my last work before finding a job.
    40 hours - This app takes a few weekends to finish, about 40 hours.
    Free and ad included - It is a utility app and it is free, so I put an ad at the share screen which may give me a few cents a week
    Two modes - It has two modes, TRIO and PLUS. Trio takes 3 shots, and Plus takes 1 to 9 shots.
    App name - PicPac Camera ~ pac your pics
    Domain name - picpac.me Cost me $9.99 a year.
    Website - picpac.me . Hosted on strikingly.com for FREE! And just let Godaddy forward picpac.me to strinkingly (for now). Setting up the website only takes me 1 - 2 hours, including preparing the images for the website. Super easy for fast release.

    ----------------------------------- Why I develop PicPac Camera ------------------------------------------------

    TRIO was inspired by Triptychs of Strangers by Adde Adesokan at Flickr. These photos are really cool.

    Then I extended it to support up-to-9 shots (PLUS mode) in case people want to share more.

    ----------------------------------- PicPac Camera Screenshots ------------------------------------------------

    ----------------------------------- Please help me to test it and share it ------------------------------------------------

    See below for Google Play Store link

    I will appreciate any comments.
    09-22-2013 06:09 AM

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