1. brother_esau's Avatar
    So i downloaded the 4shared app and was. Wondering how legsl it is? I mean i have bought all my apps but a quick search revealed theyre all on there for free. Like i said, im all about supporting the devs but the opportunity to try an app that doesn't come with a free trial would be great. Your thoughts?
    06-22-2011 07:00 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    In short -- if the app is hosted on a site other than one supported by the developer, i.g. Android market, Amazon, etc., then it is likely illegal to download and install the app.

    Plus, you run the risk of it being modified and possibly being a malicious app versus the official one supported on the Market. My recommendation: Visit the developers website and see if they offer the app in places other than the market.
    06-22-2011 08:36 PM