11-23-2012 05:48 AM
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  1. Marky310's Avatar
    I'd love to return to an HTC phone with this One X+. Sexy phone indeed. Hope I win!
    11-15-2012 12:10 PM
  2. k2spam's Avatar
    Would love to upgrade from my Captivate!
    11-15-2012 12:10 PM
  3. ppillow's Avatar
    Looks freaking awesome!! I hope i can win!! It would be much better then my pos Samsung vibrant
    11-15-2012 12:11 PM
  4. gb525's Avatar
    Send it here

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2
    11-15-2012 12:11 PM
  5. dbrunell47's Avatar
    Hello there. I have a HTC One x and I am in desperate need of more storage space. PLEASE pick me
    Thanks, Dan
    11-15-2012 12:12 PM
  6. Zookeeper's Avatar
    Sign me up to win a replacement for my OG Droid.
    11-15-2012 12:13 PM
  7. dklimah's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+
    11-15-2012 12:13 PM
  8. gcole's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+!!!
    11-15-2012 12:14 PM
  9. leadpack's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+
    11-15-2012 12:14 PM
  10. m4rk4's Avatar
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    11-15-2012 12:15 PM
  11. Samblackjack's Avatar
    I want to win a fracking HTC One X+ (seewhatididthere)!
    11-15-2012 12:15 PM
  12. rkleung's Avatar
    I was going to replace my One X with this, this would save me some money =)
    11-15-2012 12:16 PM
  13. elament's Avatar
    i want to get sexy after thanksgiving! so give me the HTC One X and instead of going to the gym i can sit home on my fat *** and watch football all day and update my fantasy team from the HTC!
    11-15-2012 12:16 PM
  14. xxLiquidX's Avatar
    I want to win because it sure beats my bionic.

    Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Android Central Forums
    11-15-2012 12:16 PM
  15. gizak's Avatar
    always loved the build quality of HTC phones (can't get myself to give up my N1!). would love to fondle this hardware.
    11-15-2012 12:17 PM
  16. Shawn Morse's Avatar
    Holy unlimited power Jerry! I want to win a HTC ONE X+ !
    11-15-2012 12:17 PM
  17. asterather's Avatar
    I feel sorry for Jerry. :-( I could really use a new phone. I wanna win!
    11-15-2012 12:18 PM
  18. ceowin's Avatar
    I wonder if I could be so very bold as to suggest that you might be so good as to consider the possibility that you might in due course possibly see your way clear to being so very good as to let me win an HTC One X+? I very much wish to win it.
    11-15-2012 12:21 PM
  19. AndyMedders's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+ from AC's one and only Santa (a.k.a. Cowboy)!
    11-15-2012 12:21 PM
  20. alexchoate123's Avatar
    I want that phone
    11-15-2012 12:21 PM
  21. qwick's Avatar
    Awesome, the AT&T HTC One X+ is a killer phone!! Fingers crossed!
    11-15-2012 12:22 PM
  22. dapoop84's Avatar
    I would love to win this. I would give it to my wife so we can get rid of her iphone 4.
    11-15-2012 12:22 PM
  23. Purgatory's Avatar
    I would love to win the HTC One X+
    11-15-2012 12:23 PM
  24. hawklet00's Avatar
    I would love to win a freaking HTC ONE X+... The very same ONE that you can't win, sorry man
    11-15-2012 12:23 PM
  25. betsuni's Avatar
    I'd love to win it. If I did I would seriously consider seeing if I could give it to you. =)

    "Jerry's making his list.
    Checking it twice.
    Gonna find out who's naughty or nice..."

    Seriously though, it really is great that you guys have all these contests and opportunities to win!
    11-15-2012 12:24 PM
1,994 ... 3940414243 ...

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