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    so heres what happen, two nights ago i plugged my charger in my galaxy s3 like i usually do and it started to blik that red light like then its charging but it didnt. it bliked an few times and stop so i unplugged it and tried again but nothing happen. then i just got to sleep because it still had like 30% battery left. the next morging i plugged it into my computer to charge and it did. i drove over to my girlfriends house and after some time the battery was flat so i asked her if she had an samsung charger, and she did. the charger was an older model but i have tried it before and it worked but this time it didnt. i didnt think most of it because it was an older model charger. anyway i got home today and tried my charger again, didnt work. then i tried my sisters charger (she got an s3 mini), didnt work. then i plugged it into my computer and it didnt even respond. i couldnt even go into my files on the computer. so now i'm clueless what to do. one thing is that it wont charge, the other thing is that all my stuff i got on my phone cant i even access. anyone know what i can do ? thanks in advance

    07-23-2014 10:40 AM
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    There are two reasons that come to my mind for this occurrence.

    1. The battery is not holding a charge properly and needs to be replaced.

    2.The port on the phone is damaged resulting in the phone not charging.

    You said it charged when it connected to a computer, so it's probably not that.

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    07-23-2014 11:13 AM

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