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    Well it all started about 1 month ago. I noticed that my screen wouldn't autorotate when I would pick it up after charging it overnight. I would have to restart it to get it working again. This went on for a week or so before I headed into best buy. I had done a quick search online with no solutions.

    This affects every thing that uses the internal gyroscope sensor. Camera, Internet, pedometer, phone, texts anything.

    So I headed into BB where I bought the phone I went to the Samsung Experience center for help. No luck. She suggested a Factory reset which I knew wouldn't fix it but I did it anyway. Within 3 hours of the reset it wouldn't auto rotate again. Back to BB. Now she calls Samsung and they suggested a "home factory reset" I asked why that should fix it with no real answer. No luck yet again. At this point I know that I'm going to have to send it in and get my old Incredible 4G out. Irritated I threw the phone into my truck & went home. When I got home the screen was cracked & it wouldn't light up. So I arrange for it to be mailed to TX from MI for warranty. I explained my problems on the phone and was told yeah its covered send it on in.

    At that point my options were
    A. Send it to Samsung
    B. File an insurance claim and shell out $165 & lose a claim for a defective device.

    After being assured I was still under warranty with everything that was wrong screen included (I've only had it since September) I agreed to send it off.

    When it gets to Samsung, after a few days I get an email saying it'll be $161.29 to fix it since the screen is cracked it's out of warranty. I'm irate since an insurance claim costs the same and I'd get a different phone.

    (I've had 3 Sims cards & a host of other bs issues with a "flagship phone I've had for 3 months and babied it " I've honestly never had this rough of a time with ANY phone let alone a 3 month old one.)

    I unwillingly pay the bill after being told "we fix all or nothing" by a Samsung rep. after I had asked to leave the cracked screen and to just fix the problems. No luck. So after about 2 weeks It's on its way back
    (2 day shipping down 4 day back)

    I got the phone back yesterday and while I was waiting to have it hooked up and within 30min of its initial power up it won't auto rotate still. Now I'm even more pissed that ever. I explained wasted 2 frustrating weeks using my old phone & getting no further forward.
    I call Samsung (who are terrible to deal with, avoid it at all costs) They suggest I do a software reflash since it'll work after its restarted for about 15min. I hope this will it fix it and I left the store with it working. When I got home I was right back to square one.

    Now idk what to do; send it back to Samsung & hope they get it right this time, sell it to Gazelle, file a claim or deal with a broken phone for 17 more months. Any suggestions on who to contact within Samsung, or what to do would be awesome. I like the phone but hate the service & the constant problems. I'm a CIS major so I have an understanding of how it works and I'm not illiterate with tech. Please help.

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    12-31-2014 07:03 AM
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    You might need some legal advice here. Stand by and I'll see if I can find anyone here who can help.

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    12-31-2014 11:14 AM
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    Sorry to hear about your phone problems.

    Have you contacted Samsung to let them know your phone is still messed up? If so, have they offered to replace it for you? After paying for them to fix the problem that still exists, I would hope that they would at least offer you a replacement device.
    12-31-2014 11:48 AM
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    There are a few options. If you have a carrier specific phone then they should cover it. For verizon they will send you a replacement device first, and you and in your defective phone later. Other major carriers I believe have similar policies.

    Otherwise call during normal hours and ask to talk to a supervisor. Explain the situation, exactly who you talked to and when. Explain to them that you would rather resolve this issue with them before going through arbitration, which they would have to foot the bill for the fees(your maximum liability is $50,for claims under $5,000).

    Otherwise, you can also file a complaint with the bbb and state attorney general, but that would take long.

    If you haven't read it, go though and thoroughly read the warranty terms for your specific model. You can download it here.


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    12-31-2014 11:53 AM

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