I accidentally turned on a setting where my Galaxy Tab S automatically saves incoming photos from Facebook Messenger and similar apps. How do I turn it off? Thanks
    01-08-2015 04:40 AM
  2. Veriitas's Avatar
    Go to the Facebook Messenger app and tap the above right widget for the app settings.

    You should end up in the settings page. Look at the 6th option. Uncheck it.
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    01-08-2015 12:49 PM
  3. anon8380037's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central.

    I had a similar problem where the People view on the Gallery cropped peoples faces from everywhere. I don't use Facebook. I am not sure how I stopped it, but delete pics you don't want in that folder, and try unchecking People in Accounts - Google sync settings.
    01-08-2015 12:50 PM
  4. anon8380037's Avatar
    I forgot @jpr nailed it in that thread.

    You can turn off Tag Buddy and/or Face Tag in Gallery - Settings.
    (At least on my Note 3)
    01-08-2015 01:10 PM

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