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    hello good day

    i have a samsung s3 SHV series and im setting up my globe direct billing
    then ofcourse a field of question will be propmt and i need to answer all of that. in order to register in this direct billing you need to input correct CITY/STATE and the right zipcode for that.

    im having trouble in picking CITY/STATE on their field its US States option only, i can pick alabama, clumbia hawaii etc. but the thing is its not the local selection in my country im currenty in phillipines, its supposed that the regions and city in the phillipines appear on that dropdown boxes not US states.

    is there any solution for this i searched the enteir internet for this issue and found none already setup my gmail to my current location. and my play store is in the phillipine currency already.

    i think its the setting on my phone or what so ever because i my friends phone is registered there easily. pls help me thanks
    01-25-2015 11:45 PM

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