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    To make it as short as possible, My original note 3's logic board died, so I purchased another Verizon note 3 from eBay that claimed to work, but had a bad charging port. Since my original N3s charging port worked perfectly fine, I figured I'd just swap the logic board over.

    Well, the blasted thing still won't charge. It won't even recognize being plugged into USB. I've tried several different cords... Ranging from the stock USB 3.0 one, to the Galaxy Tab 3 cord... To cheap Gas station car plugs... nothing seems to work at all. I've tried wiggling the cable thinking maybe it may be loose, but that didn't work. I had NO issues with the charging / USB port when it had the original Logic board in it.

    So, What are the chances the logic board has messed up USB / Charging circuit? Is it possible I didn't get something connected right? I figured if I did, Something wouldn't work... But everything does, Except usb. (Speakers work, Mic works for calls, home / soft button and lights work)

    EDIT: I took it back apart and checked all my connections and refreshed them, Didn't change anything :/
    02-02-2015 12:16 PM

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