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    A few days ago, I dropped my nexus 4 and shattered the front screen. I took it to a local electronics repair guy (this is in India), and he replaced the screen. Now, under certain conditions, in certain apps (chrome, a taxi app, facebook) the screen will just blow out and turn yellow (see attached pictures). In chrome it happens on 70% of pages but not all, and as I scroll down I see blocky artifacts and flashes as well. I then have to swipe out to google now from the bottom to return to the desktop, where some minor ghosting from the blowout remains for a few seconds before it returns to normal (also in attached picture but a litle difficult to see). Any thoughts on what the problem might be? Thanks!
    02-15-2015 02:38 AM
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    Probably used a sub par screen as a replacement. You can send it to Google to replace the screen, and it shouldn't have the issues that you are talking about

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    02-15-2015 02:42 AM
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    Pictures attached here.
    Attached Thumbnails My Nexus 4 display is blowing out, how can I fix this?-20150215_140233.jpg   My Nexus 4 display is blowing out, how can I fix this?-20150215_140243.jpg  
    02-15-2015 02:48 AM

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