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    Hi. I have had a LG G2 for 1 and half years now (From Sprint) and overall it's a great phone. However, I have been having issues with the phone charging. I recently bought a new charger as my old Kyrocera one quit charging it. Every time I went to plug it in with that charger, it would say it's charging, but then quit. It would do this repeatedly for a while until it stopped and started charging or just didnt charge at all. That charger wasnt meant for my phone so I guess thats why it kept acting up. Like I said I bought a new one to replace it. I had only had it a day and it was acting up. It did the same thing as before and this one said it was for LG. Now Im beginning to wonder if it's my phone that is pulling to many ampps or watts (I dont know which it is). My phone also has a very bad battery life now. I used to be able to use it all day without it dying and now it seems like it dies even quicker. I am getting a new phone in a couple of months so I (hopefully a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +) wont have to deal with this much longer. If you know what is wrong (Is it my phone or charger) then tell me. If your need a more in depth description of whats happening I will tell you. Thanks!
    09-24-2015 08:18 AM
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    It may be worth trying a new battery.

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    09-24-2015 08:41 AM

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