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    Like many other users that have reported issues with LGG4 late last year and beginning of this, 2016 year, my LGG4 "caught" the random rebooting sickness in January. After wasting a few weeks of mine time at trying to fix the problem on my end, I gave up. My phone was still on warranty (bought it in September 2015). It took me 1.5 month to get the warranty claim sorted. Two days ago finally I got my new replacement phone. I was very excited to resume using LGG4, because I was getting sick using my old slow Xperia Acro S (which is 5 years old, but it still works).
    To my surprise, the brand new LGG4 was also faulty. The touch screen did not respond to any touches, but all three buttons worked fine. I tried factory reset using buttons only. But nothing worked to fix the issue; screen remained unresponsive and got stuck on first-time use screen, asking to select the country.

    It could be bad luck, if someone insists on that theory. But for me, LG brand is compromised. I don't trust it at all.
    Interesting fact is that LGG4 was rated last year as the second best phone of 2015, after the champion Samsung 6. I agree with the rating, with one tiny exception that LGG4 COULD BE the second best phone, if it would work. I must admit that I was happy with its performance, before that issue started. But then I started reading the issue reports from others and was astonished by the amount of issues and number of users reporting the problems.
    My question is this: which android phone manufacturer can you actually trust nowadays? I have only three in mind: Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Nexus* (*Nexus not a manufacturer, but Nexus branded phones are consistently good). The only one phone that I like made by the above, is Samsung 7. I had Galaxy 4 before I switched to LG, and it was not too bad, apart from battery life. What do you think?
    03-13-2016 05:05 PM
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    I think its just the luck of the draw... either you get a good phone/device, or you don't. All manufactures have problems as evidenced by these boards... NONE are excluded. Nexus, is not any more special than any other device... they have just as many problems. Buy the phone that appeals to you and hope for the best!
    03-13-2016 05:15 PM

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