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    I just upgraded my G3 to Android 6, before doing so I made sure I backed up my contacts/texts in LG PC Suite.

    However now PC Suite wont let me restore the backups even though I can see them sitting on my PC. They are in ecbk format and no idea how to restore them manually.

    Also when I go into the Play Store none of my previously installed/purchased apps are there even though I am clearly signed into my account. On my PC I am also logged into my gmail account and can see all the apps I own.

    It almost seems like both the PC Suite and Google dont recognise my phone with my account but when I look at my G3 I am definately setup with my Google Account.

    So I have a nice responsive phone now but no contacts/texts/apps - any help much appreciated!
    04-25-2016 04:35 AM

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