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    The screen on my Galaxy Note 5 remains black after I performed a factory reset. The cow Moo-ing sound associated with my otherwise black Lock Screen continues and with very little encouragement, and the red LED light comes on some of the time when I set it on it's wireless charger, but that is all the signs of life that I've seen in days.
    I tried to perform a soft reboot in my somewhat crude and inexperienced way, and all that served to accomplish was to turn the power off completely; as in NO Moo-ing or other sounds and not even the red LED ligt. So I set it on it's wireless charger again and after a few moments the Moo-ing & LED light returned - but again, only briefly.
    So at present, my mom Black Note 5, in every sense of the word now, remains on its' charger, I giving me a MOO sound every once in a while to let me know it's still there.
    ...and YES, I've tried changing it directly from several of the charger cords I've collected over the years.
    I upgraded to this Note 5 last Jan. after enjoying my first GALAXY NOTE (4) the previous April (2015 which upgraded my Galaxy s4
    which was another upgrade from my first Samsung Galaxy device, an s3. I've loved them all.
    06-19-2016 01:26 AM

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