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    I turned the phone on after many years of non-use to see if it was carrier unlocked. I had a non t-mobile sim in. Everything booted fine, then it said I needed to enter a network code because it was locked. I could enter or dismiss. I dismissed. Screen went black and only the buttons along the bottom would light up. Pulled the battery, restarted. It did a normal boot up with logos, animation, and sound then goes to the black screen.

    I have wiped the cache, factory reset, I've reinstalled factory firmware via Odin multiple times. Everything says it's successful but when I reboot it still goes to a black screen after the animation.

    Phone wasn't rooted or anything. Just a regular T959 that I think I had updated to whatever the next version up from factory was via Kies, but that's it. (This shouldn't matter because I took it back down to original when I did the Odin thing 5 times.)

    It's obviously not bricked because I can enter Recovery and Download modes. The screen obviously works because it does the boot up logos and animation. Odin said it was good to go so what's up? I must be missing something.
    08-01-2016 03:48 AM

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