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    For 5 years I've had a phone which had a silicon case, with had a design of tyre, but the amazing part was that the touch was actually "sticky" like actual rubber, so it wouldn't be slippery when held in hands or placed on a sloping support.

    I now have a new phone (S5 Mini) and I've spent an hour on eBay/Amazon to look for such a case, but ALL of them are smooth/unruffled/sleek (i even bought one which i thought was what i'm looking for, but bad luck).

    Am i just unlucky and they don't make these kind of cases anymore ? Or so i search it wrong ? I thought "rugged rubber" would fit best for what i need.

    Thanks !
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    08-12-2016 04:48 AM
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    Assuming you used the word "Rugged G5 mini Case" within your search.. but without a brand name, Amazon's search returned negative results. Best search Google first, (images) locate a case/cover you like and then jot down the manufacture of this case. Enter this data into the amazon data base and here's what one could get.

    08-12-2016 05:27 AM

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