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    My Samsung Galaxy S2 mini (2.3.6) has just started having a strange behaviour: it has a 4-digit PIN to unlock the screen. Suddenly, when I turned the screen on, it appeared the warning saying that I had made five wrong attempts and that I had to wait 30 seconds. The strange thing is that I had not used the phone for a while and I did not any attempt. The screen was off and locked and I had the phone with me all the time.

    The phone is not rooted. I have the Catlog app installed and have saved the log from the period of time that this happened but I do not really know where to look for an answer.

    I have searched the forum and this post reminded me of this case:

    Has anyone else experienced this? What can have caused it? Any expert in android logs who can help?

    Many thanks.
    09-10-2016 10:59 AM

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