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    i've tried pressing up volume + home + power but it keeps restarting and locks on the lg logo screen. how to fix?
    prior to this i had a problem viewing a youtube video in the youtube app. kept getting an error msg that the video couldn't play. i then force stopped gmail app because the notifications kept slowing my phone down. tried to view another youtube video but got the same error. i then made the phone power off and restart but on restarting it went to the lg logo screen and is locked. removing the battery is the only way to turn it off.
    i was told to connect the phone to my window laptop and run a program called oden and install a rom for my phone. i looked at the info online about doing this but is all greek to me. is my phone toast? p.s. my l34c runs on kitkat 4.4.
    11-01-2016 07:35 PM

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