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    Please help. I've tried VLC, mx player, MP4fixer etc and nothing works.

    I recorded a video on my HTC One Android phone, the clip is 11 mins long and it worked fine when I initially played it back in its original location in the phone gallery. I then moved it to a different folder and it took ages to move, which never normally happens. When I open it now it plays but stops approximately half way through saying "sorry this video cannot be played!".

    I noticed that it happens at a point where the resolution of the video sharpens and the camera focuses better, as the first half of the video is blurry due to the camera not focusing properly the recording.

    As said above I've tried lots of different video players, and have even updated my phone to the latest Android software, and defaulted app preferences, and no luck. I've also installed Google+ updates, as I've heard that app can cause issues.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated👍
    03-18-2017 10:09 AM

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